Blank Generation

Blank generation for Parallel/Tapered segments including leg and notch cut-outs. Blank generation for Multi-Stage flights (multiple dimensions within one segmented flight). Blank generation of spirals including leg and notch cut-outs (for more information see ‘Spiral Feature’).
Full list of blank parameters including dimensions, weight for individual blanks and total job, blank preview image, plus many more items.

Spiral Feature

Automatic generation of multiple blanks for continuous auger segments including leg and notch cut-outs. Full list of blank parameters including dimensions, weight for individual blanks and total spiral job, blank preview image, individual blank or total job download, plus many more items.

Cloud-based Software

Immediate access to the service anytime, anywhere and from any device!
The advantages are numerous including huge benefits such as seamless upgrades, no required downloads, no software installations and data capacity not limited to your computers’ hard drive.

Output Files

Output multiply files types including DXF, PDF or CSV for both individual blanks and the entire job. HelixNinja also outputs Apex Datum settings and RoboHelix scripts.

Live Storage

Access any job immediately from the user friendly job manager. Jobs are secured in the cloud for viewing, modification, re-production and output directly to your device.

Apex Datum Feature

Live adjustments of settings for Apex Datum reference machines.

Support Tabs Feature

Breakaway support tabs for Standard Flights, Mutli-Stage Flights, and Spiral Flights.

Modern friendly UX

HelixNinja’s advanced architecture enables a seamless user experience including detailed flight graphics, easy to understand images, as well as extensive tool tips and guides.
Compatible on Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, iPhone and any other application


Manage standard helix dimensions, material lists, Apex Datum tooling range (for more information see ‘Apex Datum Feature’, units, languages plus many more items.

Wealth of Expertise

Our team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, including over 25 years’ experience in steel fabrication and forming processes; over 20 years’ experience in software architecture, software development of cloud-based SaaS products, mobile application development, product management, project management, online marketing, SEO, and product commercialisation.
The HelixNinja team also brings 9 years’ experience in this particular sector to this product.


HelixNinja is available in any language upon request by client.


HelixNinja is compatible with all Apex reference machines, all traditional machines, all RoboHelix machines and all other existing machines.